The Bertelsmann Stiftung published its next report on the Transformation Index for 2020 in the first week of May of this year. According to the report, the Republic of Uzbekistan has achieved significant improvement in a number of index indicators and has increased its position compared to the results of 2018. In particular, the main achievements were an improvement in indicators in the Management Index by 9 points compared to the results of 2018, while the Status Index, in turn, rose by an average of 1 point.

Note: The Transformation Index Report for 2018 covered 129 countries, while the 2020 report considers 137 countries.

The highest growth was noted in the “International Relations” indicator within a “Management Index”. These changes indicate an improvement in the image of Uzbekistan abroad, as a result of large-scale reforms realized in the country. As noted in the report, many foreign agencies, officials and experts “trust” in our country because of the strengthening of good neighborly relations, the improving investment climate, international trade, as well as large-scale reforms in monetary and fiscal policy.

“The unprecedented reforms carried out by President Mirziyoyev have created a new political, social and economic environment, both in the country and in the region,” experts say.

According to the indicator of “Political Transformation” for 2018, the country took 115th place among 129 countries with 3.17 points, meanwhile in 2020 the 105th place among 137 countries, achieving an increase to 3.63 points. In particular, experts noted a significant improvement in the sub-indicators “Rule of Law”, “Stability of Democratic Institutions”, “Political and Social Integration” and “Political Participation”. The positive changes reasoned by achievements in the legislative and judicial systems in recent years, the introduction of local parliamentary control, and consistent reforms in the fight against corruption that are becoming increasingly important.


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