This is the first time that Uzbekistan has ranked 92 out of 152 countries with 0.017 points in the “Competitive Industrial Performance Index” according to the report published by UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) on July 3rd, 2020.

For information: The Competitive Industrial Performance Index has been evaluating the country’s production and export potential, the level of technical improvement and modernization, the level of industrial impact of the countries of the world once every two years based on statistics of last two years since 1996.

As stated in the report, the Republic of Uzbekistan ranks 18 in terms of the “Share of Manufacturing Value Added in GDP Index” with 0.566 points (world average 0.343 points) and 43rd rank with 0.406 points in “Industrialization Intensity Index” (world average 0.323 points), which is higher than the world average and developing countries rankings.

The Top-5 global leaders are the countries with high industrial development such as Germany, China, South Korea, the USA and Japan.

Here are the scores of the CIS members’ rankings as specified in the Report.

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