On February 24, 2020, as part of the visit of the Deputy Minister of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan Odilbek Isakov to the Federal Republic of Germany, in cooperation with the embassy of |Uzbekistan in FRG a meeting was held with the leadership of the Bertelsmann Stifftung Foundation in Gutersloh.

The meeting was attended by the Senior Director of the Sustainable Economic Development Program – Dr. Stefan Emter, senior experts on the Bertelsmann Transformation Index (Bertelsmann Transformation Index) – Dr. Hauke ​​Hartman and Sabina Donner. Topics such as the role of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Bertelsmann index, large-scale reforms carried out in the country and development prospects.

For reference: The Bertelsmann Transformation Index is an index report that is published every two years, includes “Management” and “Status” sub-indices, and assesses the transition of countries to a new level in the political and legal direction. The index is also used by foreign governments, international organizations such as the World Bank and Transparenсy International for reporting.

According to the report for 2018, the Republic of Uzbekistan ranks 117th out of 129 countries in the Management Index (2.55 points) and 108th in the Status Index (3.73 points).

The Bertelsmann Foundation is also the UN Assistance Framework Program for promotion of the aims of Sustainable Development Goals.

The index is published by summarizing the analytical data provided by a group of 248 experts, selected for each region from leading world universities and local institutions.

Factors that play an important role in assessing countries for each index include the following:

– the quality of public administration and the degree of complexity of management in the development of management policies in the subindices;

– political, economic and socio-economic status (transformation) level of development of states in the sub-index “Status”.

, experts use the World Bank’s annual World Development Indicators and the United Nations Development Program Human Development Report for the assessment of organizational management and status sub-indicators.

In a country assessment, experts rely on 17 measurements and 49 indicators, while domestic and foreign experts use questionnaires (from 1 to 10 points) for each of the 49 indicators.

The Bertelsmann Transformation Index report is expected to be published on March, 2020.

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