DMO covers all public debt management operations, including:

  • public debt generation: issuing local debt securities and Eurobonds, attracting credit lines from international financial institutions, issuing sovereign guarantees;
  • management relationships with investors and rating agencies, providing data support;
  • registration, monitoring and accounting public and publicly guaranteed (PPG) debt, debt statistics;
  • debt service and on-lending operations;
  • designing fiscal rules on debt ceiling, annual limits of public borrowings and mid-term debt management strategy based on sensitivity or “stress test” analysis of PPG debt in relation to shocks.

Currently, DMO structure consists of 3 offices with staff of 35 people:

  • Fronts office represented by Debt Securities Issuing Department (team of 8 people) and Credit Lines Attraction and Sovereign Guarantees Department (8 people);
  • Middle office represented by Information Analysis Division
    (4 people);
  • Back office represented by Public Debt Accounting and Service Department (12 people).